Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thing 2

As I sit here with a cat on my lap and my laptop off to the side, I am thinking that I really should be typing this on my iPad.  Unfortunately I am not ready for that level of input yet. I like the larger keyboard of my laptop.  I have spent over almost two hours this evening exploring a tips on using the OS' 5,  6 and 7.  Many of them I will be able to use with some practice.  Finding time to practice may be an issue.  It's the old refrain of "if you don't use it you lose it."  I will start tomorrow  by trying to take notes at a meeting of great minds. (those of fellow librarians.)  Fortunately the stakes are low as I will not be the official note taker.  Let's just hope I don't get too distracted playing with the emoticons that I found on the international keyboard and can pay attention to the business at hand.  I am also hoping someone will be able to show me how to build documents without using the notes section. 

Things to find out: Are there other ways of logging information without using the notes section?  How can I sync the iPad calendar with my iPhone? Am I updated to iOS 7? (I thought I was but am now not so sure.)  How do I check my gmail account? 

Things to consider:  How to go about teaching keyboard tips to a class of 30 wiggly 4th graders...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I start this blog to participate in a  review of 23 apps. A program for Minnesota Librarians of which I am now proud to be a member.  I  teach at a school that has applied for a grant of 1 to 1 iPads so my interest in this project is part business as well as part "lets see what I can learn."

In my youth I sang.  In my middle years (I'm 53) I tell and read stories.  Stories are my favorite part of being in the library.  Sharing is the icing on the cake.  Performing for captive and captivated audiences is the cherry on top of the whipping cream.  Needless to say I enjoy my work....most of the time.  It remains to be seen how I feel about apps.